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How to Manual Reset Canon MP145 (Waste ink tank full)

How to reset the printer mp 145 distinguished full tank / Waste ink tank full. No need to use the software to reset it.

Usually on a monitor display exit code E 27 or E 5.

To overcome this problem are as follows:

How To Reset Printer Canon MP145 and MP160

Step 1: Push the Power switch by Continue (Press Power On / Off)

Step 2: insert plug (Input Power, Power and Equipment in Press)

Step 3: Press the Reset Button 1x, release Pwr Button, Press Reset two times longer Up to Be 0 (press the button without pause)

Step 4: Push + display change from 0 to 1 (press the + button to change a 0 to 1)

Step 5: Push the Power switch again, the Printer will from some of the print 1 page (press the power button -> start button until ngeprint 1 thing.)

Step 6: Open the cover (open the lid of the printer)

Step 7: Unplug (pull the power cable)

Step 8: Take out the ink 40 and 41 (remove the cartridge 40 and 41)

Step 9: Insert the plug again (power cable)

Step 10: Push the power switch (press the power button)

Step 11: Open the cover (cover scan) (scanner lid)

Step 12: Inksert ink 40, 41 again (input catridge 40 and 41)

The following recipe ngereset waste ink counter (error E16 / E27):

1. Turn off the printer (power cable is plugged), press and hold the STOP / RESET then press the ON / OFF

2. Hold the ON / OFF, press the STOP / RESET 2x

3. Release both buttons, wait a minute, and the printer will enter SERVICE MODE

4. The printer will be charging

5. After the printer has finished charging, press the STOP / RESET 4x. (Waste ink counter reset)

6. Each time the STOP / RESET button, light ON / OFF will turn green and orange colors

7. After that Turn the printer off by pressing the ON / OFF (3 times for printers die total) and unplug the POWER

8. Turn the printer back.

The number of the Reset: button pressing LED Function Remarks

0 time Green Power off

1 time Orange Service pattern print

2 times Green EEPROM print

3 times Orange EEPROM reset

4 times Green Waste ink counter reset

5) Unplug the power cable. (For MP145 / MP150)

6) Turn Off Power. (For MP160)

Here’s a sign of Error Code / Error Code:

E2-2 = No paper (ASF)

E3-3 = Paper hours

E4 = No ink

E5-5 = The ink cartridges are not installed or a non-supported ink cartridge is installed, or the ink cartridges are not installed properly

E8 = Waste ink absorber full, or platen waste ink absorber full

E9 = The connected digital camera / video camera does not support Camera Direct Printing

E14 = The Ink cartridges whose destination are wrong

E15 = Ink cartridge is not installed E16 – Ink remaining is unknown

E16-E19 = Failed to scan head alignment sheet

E22 = Carriage error

E23 = Paper feed error

E24 = Purge unit error

E25 = ASF (cam) sensor error

E26 = Internal temperature rise error

E27 = Waste ink absorber full or platen waste ink absorber full

E28 = Ink cartridge temperature rise error –

E29 = EEPROM error

E33 = Paper feed position error

E35 15 = USB Host VBUD overcurrent error – USB

E37 17 = Abnormal motor driver error

E40 20 = Other hardware error

E42 22 = Scanner error


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